Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Phone without credit check?

Many users of cell phones want full cost control and prefer to subscribe to a prepaid service rather than signung a contract. These users do not have to give up buying a mobile phone when looking for an offer. Ordering of mobile phones is no longer limited to promotional offers or monthly installments in their financing. The customer can fulfill his primary desire to acquire a mobile device. The security of the order at favorable conditions offers the customer the acquisition of a mobile phone without a contract. Cheap rates and other benefits ensure that the customer does not have to dig deep into their own pockets to fulfill the dream phone's dream.

How to get a new phone without a credit check

For both business and private customers, ordering a contract-free mobile phone has long since become a veritable boom in recent years. Many of the new models can be purchased at convenient rates. These include many well known brands like a new phone from Samsung or the latest iPhone or tablet from Apple, without the customer having to bind himself to an unwanted contract. This offers great savings, which can be increased if the interested party makes price comparisons to get an overview of the prices of the offers in installments.

How to finance a premium smartphone with a good mobile phone contract

With a negative credit score a purchase is usually rejected. Specialized credit intermediaries help in this case to obtain a loan, despite bad credit ratings. You can compare the best installment loans with a comparison calculator on some web seites. A good credit score is usually required. It's considered as a financial basis for many businesses. Previously, the credit check was quite strict and thus prevented consumers with a negative score from acquiring a new cell phone. It's now known that the score not only registers existing liabilities and debts, but also includes a frequent change of residence or job in credit score databases, so that this entry no longer leads to the rejection of a purchase.

The customer who wants to buy a mobile phone on on credit, can now opt for low monthly payment rates and choose between many models and brands without signing a contract. For many consumers, this is a chance to buy a new device, although in the past there were problems, which did not allow installment purchase. New customers thus receive a fair credit check and could agree with the information. They express their openness and create a great deal of trust with traders.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Comparison between a fund policy and a fund savings plan

A fund savings plan has no sales charge. So there are no closing costs. In addition, there is no annual management fee and therefore more flexibility. The withholding tax essentially influences the decision whether to resort to a fund savings plan or the fund policy in the old-age provision. The so-called final withholding tax applies from the year 2009. Thus, profits on church tax and solidarity surcharge are taxed at 25% per fiscal year.

When does a unit-linked pension plan pay off?

On the other hand, unit-linked pension insurance is more favorable if no payment is made before the age of 60 or the term is at least twelve years. With a personal tax rate, only half of the investor's income will be taxed.

Check the policies

Before concluding the contract, investors should scrutinize it because there can be huge differences in ancillary fund policies that, at first sight, are not immediately apparent due to lack of transparency. In the first few years, investors must pay some of the high administration and termination fees that are often included in many insurance policies. Even though they generally offer better after-tax returns, the investor escapes high interest rates in this insurance variant.

If you invest in so-called fund of funds you will often pay three times the fees, especially for fund policies. These include the administration and distribution fees, as well as the management fee of individual target funds.

It should not only be considered in the decision on the pure cost. Also, the selection of offers, on which he can fall back with his insurance, is an important criterion. The more funds available to the interested party, the better he can put together a coordinated portfolio tailored to his personal needs.

Unit-linked insurances are interesting if a longevity risk is to be covered by the saver. With a fund savings plan you can often fall back on a large range of funds, which shines through their variability. As deposits vary from year to year, a fund plan is more appropriate because in the meantime the savings plan can be suspended without incurring drawbacks because the expense ratio for this insurance model rises, while the initial charge on fund savings is only the attributed to each paid installment. The depot thus grows faster at the beginning, because there are no existing closing fees.

An example

If a stock fund pays $ 100 per month for 20 years and thus earns a return of eight percent per year, assets of $ 47,920 will be earned after deducting withholding tax under existing tax law. If the 100 EURO are instead paid into a unit-linked insurance, the saver receives, after deducting taxes, 51,130 Euro in the same investment period and with the same return.

What's the best option?

The decision for or against a product depends on running costs and the calculated return after deduction of the tax. Due to tax treatment, the fund policy is slightly ahead of the pack, while generally higher return opportunities are achieved by a fund savings plan.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Windows 10 Safe Mode

The Windows 10 Safe Mode

There are several ways to start Windows 10 in a safe mode. Here is an overview.

When Windows started, Safe Mode could be reached by using a shortcut key. If this still works with old versions of Windows, Windows 10 often fails because the user has only a short time to respond. When you start the PC, you normally need to simultaneously press the [Shift] and [F8] shortcut keys. But it's also easier if Windows 10 starts properly:

  1. Click the Windows button located to the right of the power button . If Windows restarts directly, it will also be in the bottom right corner of the start screen.
  2. The Restart option appears when clicking on the power button.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and click with the mouse on Restart to access the UEFI menu .
  4. On the light blue background you can see if you are in the UEFI menu. Then select Troubleshooting .
  5. There you will find Advanced Options and here the Windows Startup Settings feature. Click on the button Restart .
  6. It takes a while for the emergency system to start. Press the F4 soft key to restart Windows in Safe Mode.

Start Windows 10 in safe mode

  1. In this menu, you need to hold down the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog.
  2. In this enter msconfig and press OK to start the system configuration.
  3. Above is the Start tab. Choose Safe Boot and Network .
  4. To enter Safe Mode, press the OK Button that Windows restarts.

You can also use Safe Mode at the command prompt cause.

  1. If you press the windows and x keys at the same time, you have a shortcut menu
  2. After you select Command Prompt (Administrator) , confirm the security prompt by clicking OK.
  3. To start Windows in safe mode, then enter the command bcdedit set {current} safeboot network .

You can also create a desktop shortcut to safe mode so that you see an icon on your desktop that will help you get into safe mode quickly.

  1. To do this, right-click on an empty area (where there are no icons or other) and select New and then Link .
  2. Enter shutdown.exe / r / o / f t 00 as the path here. Then click Next and then Finish .
  3. If you click this Icon shutdown.exe in the future, Windows will start directly in Safe Mode.

Using the Windows 10 DVD to restore

If Windows does not boot from the hard disk and you have the Windows 10 DVD at hand, the item Computer Repair will appear after loading the DVD to repair Windows.

If all these tips fail, you may be able to send your computer to the manufacturer for repair. However, if the computer is older and there is no longer a guarantee, it is not recommended. Consider purchasing a new computer, which usually works right after it starts up.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Cost effective digital printing

Cost-effective digital printing with attention to detail

Interested in the latest technology in digital printing? Even without expensive printing plates or printing patterns, digital direct printing is possible, which it achieves the better results of textile prints in the high photo quality. This is particularly suitable for single pieces and short runs, because this method allows quick and easy creation.

In this article we show the functionality of digital direct printing. On a checklist, all their peculiarities are summarized to help you decide which benefits you will derive from it.


Without costly or expensive preparations, an automated process is seamlessly integrated into the production, so that in a good price / performance ratio of the digital direct printing for large orders and unique items are unrivalled for the customer.

The operation of digital direct printing

If you want to apply digital illustrations and vector graphics true to detail and colourfast on textiles, you have the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of digital direct printing. It works in a similar way to ordinary paper printers, but allows for photo quality prints and fine gradients. Unlike traditional printing processes, there are no additional costs involved in setting up the textile printer so that production can begin immediately upon receipt of the data as it supports common file formats of the software known on the Internet. Once the design is aligned, textiles previously prepared for printing can be printed directly.

Fast and easy finishing of textiles

Due to the perfect ratio of price to performance, this printing process is just right for your small orders. Also, without special time pressure large orders can be carried out quickly when using the digital printing. Promotional items, as well as clothing and bags, are printed immediately after receipt of the order, so you get the ordered goods delivered after only a few hours after receiving your order. With digital direct printing, many complex motifs can be realized without additional effort, which can not be achieved with conventional printing processes.

The finished textiles are washable in the washing machine up to 40° C due to the particularly tear-resistant imprint. Thus, the textile will shine even after many years of wearing still as new. In the production no presettings are necessary, that you can also create small series cost-effective. Digital direct printing is one of the most widely used methods for enhancing its textiles with photos and motifs. Interesting color gradients and outstanding motifs irritate the technology and make every product a real eye-catcher.

Powerful Brother printers are often used for textile printing. They allow a particularly true-to-original contour sharpness and color intensity. Each imprint is fixed in a second step using a drying tunnel. This ensures that the required light increases the wash resistance and thus improves its elasticity. The result may be reminiscent of a screen printing, but in this case has significantly filigree color gradients and contours.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the color result radiates a special shine even with dark textiles. Various file formats, such as tiff, jpg and png, can be printed in any structure and hue without further editing. The manufacture of the textiles themselves is ecological and sustainable, since when used in the selection of printing materials on the application of harmful chemicals is omitted. This not only protects nature, but also your skin.

Preparation the files

Textile printers can handle almost all file formats. You should be careful to choose at least a resolution of 300 dpi. This prevents motive from being rendered "pixelated", which would otherwise make the expression on the T-shirt look weird. You should also use a transparent background. So not only completely dark or bright, so that no rectangular edge is created and the motif shines in its full beauty.

In its particularly elaborate production of flex and Flockdruck is one of the most commonly used Plottdruckverfahren. Specially cut films provide a fascinating look when using flexographic printing, even if the photo print is sometimes velvety and matt.

Small and medium transfer printing

For small and medium runs of transfer printing, flex and flock printing is of particular interest. For textiles made of complicated materials for printing, the transfer printing impresses with its brilliant colors and longevity.

For motives with few color areas, the flex and flock printing is therefore particularly suitable. Even highly detailed motifs are cut at high volumes of precise machines. The cutting plotter will prepare a special foil for each color layer, which will then be "latticed" by hand. An optimal cut of the desired motif is created, which is applied to the product with the printing press to produce the final product.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Golden era of pinball machines

A pinball machine is an electro mechanical coin operated arcade game. It works by the principle of scoring points by directing one or more metal balls on a game board separated from the player by a window. The main goal is to achieve a high score. The secondary goal is to play as long as possible without the ball leaving game board and possibly obtaining extra balls and win a replay. This type of game was a great success from the 1950s to the late 1990s, to the point of entering the pop culture. Many cafes and restaurants offered them to their customers. There were also specialized gaming rooms known as arcades


The pinball as we know today derived from the French game Bagatelle around 1770 and the Japanese billiard, it was fully developed in Chicago in the 1930s by mechanics and electricians who were unemployed because of the financial crisis of 1929. By gambling for money it was banned in several major US cities soon after. Cash was later replaced by replays to make pinball legal. The electro mechanic was replaced by electronic (solid state) in 1976. Pinball suffered a decline in the 1980s as a result of the rise of video games. And major manufacturers like Williams, who had previously acquired Bally, went out of business in 1999 and Gottlieb in 1996, leaving Stern as the only manufacturer.


Counting of points with the pinball machine is rather particular and arbitrary. The scores of very old machines were counted in hundreds of thousands points which were displayed by lamps signaling a row of 100,000 and was left to the user to add them. The arrival of electro mechanical wheel counters brought the scores down to hundreds of points, with a lamp lighting a number "1" at the top of the 3 digits when it was above 999.

In the 1970s, with the arrival of electronic displays, the scores began to count thousands or tens of thousands of points. This "inflation" continued until the mid-1990s, when several games allowed up to millions of points to get a free game. Quite recently the counting of points returned to more reasonable values.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Ben Daglish passed away

The Commodore 64 community mourns Ben Daglish who passed away October 1st 2018.

Ben was well known to many who spent their teens in front of their 8bit computer as composer from video games. Tunes like Last Ninja, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Bombo or Bulldog remain classics to this day. You can download many of his music in original C64 format my SID download web page.

He was born in London in England and later moved to Sheffield. Besides the breadbox he also composed music on other computers from the 1980s, including the Amstrad CPC and the Sinclair Spectrum. He was 52 years old.

Ben's famous Trap demo which blew away many Commodore 64 users in 1986.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Plane crashes in aviation history

Definition of a plane crash

An air accident, also known as "plane crash", is an event related to the operation of an aircraft that results in the death or serious injury to one or more persons and often irreparable damage to the body shell of the aircraft. An event involving flight safety without serious consequences is considered an air incident. The term air disaster is used by the media, especially for accidents involving an airliner. In most accidents is only one plane involved. Mid-air collisions of two planes are rare. The attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) 9/11 are not considered air accidents.

States may establish an authority to ensure flight safety and accident investigation. These agencies, as well as a few non-governmental organizations, maintain databases whose purpose is to advance security. All American airlines, be it Delta Air Lines or United Airlines experienced fatal crashes.

The main reason is bad weather in combination with human error misjudging the thunderstorm in front. Other problems of human errors include not to communicate in the cockpit. Problems leading to structural damage include design flaws, material fatigue or mistakes in maintenance of an airplane.

The development of statistics groups air accidents according to various criteria, thus makes it possible to raise the awareness of manufacturers, operators, crew, air traffic controllers, maintenance personal and others by identifying the primary or secondary causes of accidents.

  • Destruction of the plane in flight: collision between two planes, major structural defect, fire, terrorist attack, interception by the Air Defense of the country overflown
  • Destruction of the structure on impact with the ground, better known as "crash": navigation error and striking an obstacle, serious mechanical incident forcing the pilot to attempt an emergency landing
  • Ground accidents: collision between a plane in take-off or landing with another aircraft that has entered the runway

The vast majority of accidents concern general aviation but the media and the public are mainly interested in accidents involving airliners.

The International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO

The ICAO definitions and the resulting statistics relate to motorized aircraft used by organizations or civil companies. States relying on ICAO recommendations to establish an investigative agency may, however, extend the scope of the jurisdiction to include non-motorized aircraft accidents, unmanned aircraft on board and military uses, but excluding related cases.

Aim of the ICAO is the recommendation of an accident analysis process to investigate the causes and to derive actions to improve safety. The accident report establishes the primary cause and, often, the sequence of secondary causes that contributed to the problem. These conclusions are of interest to manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, airlines or operators, crews, navigation controllers and maintenance services. The determination of responsibilities does not fall within the scope of investigations.

The term "disaster" does not appear in the official texts but appears in the media when the accident concerns the commercial air transport of passengers. The notion of "catastrophe" is also changing in relation to the increase in traffic and the increase in the size of aircraft.

General aviation and, in particular, light aviation generate far more accidents than air transport, but they are rarely the subject of media coverage at the national level. Air accidents related to military activities, training and missions outside conflict, are rarely the subject of a report made public that could reveal classified information.

Aircraft accident investigations aim to improve flight safety. An accident rarely has a single cause. Unofficial reports or databases compiling accidents most often identify a determining cause, but the report of the investigative office looks for the causes that generate or participate in the determining cause as well as the errors of perception or action that did not allow corrections or palliatives. The report is used by the Official Services to modify the standards and by the manufacturers, operators, crews, air traffic control service and maintenance workshops to modify the procedures. In principle, the report of the investigative office does not determine the responsibilities but is an essential element for any legal action.