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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Orville - Mad Idolatry - Recap

In this season finale Kelly accidentally makes contact to an underdeveloped society, what Ed calls "cultural contamination". In the Star Trek Enterprise episode Civilization Captain Jonathan Archer coined this term too. This is clearly a nod to The Prime Directive of Star Trek. Kelly ends up being worshipped as God, after she healed a young child with a skin regenerator.

The idea taken that time on a different planet passes faster then normal is likely taken from Star Trek. In both series an immortal observer is sent to witness some hundreds of years in development, then returns. In The Orville it was Isaac, in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Blink Of An Eye" it was the holographic Doctor. Not to steal the idea completely it is explained that the planet goes into another universe, where time progresses 700 years, while in our universe only 21 days have passed, called a "multi phasic orbit".

So when the planet reappears after 21 days they realize 700 years have passed. And that everybody worships Kelly. She tries to make it right proving that she is no God. It became apparent that it failed after they scan the planet again after 21 days, which has evolved another 700 years, comparable with our time now.

The episode starts with Ed being bored and trying to socialize with different members of the senior staff, going to get a drink. But all are busy, or play games with items where suddenly blades come out, and drinks, which seem to have been predigested. So he winds up with Kelly, hoping that her cheating was due to the pheromones of the alien male. At the end Kelly has doubts if a new relationship would be a good idea. Jeopardizing everything.

I found it a bold move by Seth MacFarlane to show religion in a bad light. Future people even call it "growing pains" and apparently got rid of it.

Interestingly there was no cliffhanger for the upcoming season. I am so used that today pretty much every show's season finale ends with a cliffhanger.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

South Park - Splatty Tomato - Recap

For the season finale this episode ties up some, but not all, lose ends. After previous episodes were more carefully about attacking Donald Trump, this hits it right in the face.

The overall plot evolves around searching for Ike after a city of his country (Toronto) has been nukes by US President Garrison, seeking revenge.

After visiting many places where Cartman and Heidi previously faced to make decisions Cartman "forced" her to make. Like Heidi tossing here smartphone to get rid of Twitter. At the end she realizes the person she has become is Cartman's fault, and breaks up the relationship, spanning for too many episodes in my opinion.

Another plot is that the President has the lowest approval ratings and roams through the town, scaring children. Thus it's decided to get rid of the President, and a man hunt is organized. While only the White family opposes it, wanting to save the President, arguing "but who cares what the Whites want?". In the end it's Ike capturing the President, wearing a Royal Canadian Mounties uniform.

The third plot evolves around PC Principal and Vice Principal Strong Woman, who can't help but want to have a relationship but keep it secret. So they go to an Italian restaurant, with Butters as distraction that other guests might not think they go on a date. Later at the hunt for Garrison a tent is found by Randy where PC Principal and Strong Woman are making out. After some rounds of vomiting by anyone who witnessed it or been told (Randy's wife pukes Randy right into the face after he told her), Garrison is toed back to town.

I give it a 4/5, the best episode after a more "meh" season for me. While still leaving topics open for the next season, like what will happen to the US-Canada relationship, the kids were playing "kick ass" 80s music, like Gloria by Laura Brannigon and a song by Richard Marx when walking through the woods. How can you not like that?!