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Monday, January 8, 2018

Hard Sun

The premise of the BBC TV drama Hard Sun is that Governments know a mass extinction event will happen in five years and everything on earth is going to die. Before that the crime rate will increase, crops fail and a lot more natural disasters happen. But the Government (here) of the UK does everything to keep it under the lid for reasons not explained. The murderers in the investigation part are all psychopaths, and their behavior tied to events predicted to happen because of Black Sun.

DCI Charlie Hicks, played by Jim Sturgess and his new female partner DI Elaine Renko, played by Agyness Deyn, do not get along well and suspect each others to work for the Government. Plus have private problems themselves, like DI Elaine Renko has a son in a funny farm.

The BBC aired all six episodes of the first season on the 6th January 2018 for binge-watching.


There are rumors that season 2 is in the making. But how would you have a second season when the last episode of the first season ended with a black hole feasting on our sun?

Hard Sun reminds me on crime investigation series like X-Files or Lucifer, where you have an overall story of some supernatural level, which in almost every episode peeks through. And "ordinary" crime scene investigation. But it's very dark and bloody.


Indeed the series has been canceled in August 2018. Not that the black hole nibbling on the sun ended the show. The station canceled the series because of poor ratings and confused viewers. Too bad, I liked it.