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Monday, March 2, 2020

Compensations for flight delays with Eurowings

If your plane was delayed for more than three hours or canceled it affects your holiday trip. Cancellations and delays are a daily occurrence for many airlines at various airports also by Eurowings, so that many passengers are late or, in the worst case, unable to travel at all. Eurowings is also affected by these delays.

To claim a refund

If your flight was delayed by Eurowings or other airlines, our company will help you to claim your damages. If the airline is more than three hours late or out of service, their passengers are entitled for a compensation. The amount of the sum of a refund lays usually between 250.00 and 600.00 Euro, depending on the distance between the starting and the destination airport.

Support from our lawyers

We are supported by a team of lawyers. We will first check your claims in the event of flight cancellation or flight delays with Eurowings or other airlines. We will then organize a negotiation with the affected airlines involved. After a successful negotiation, the affected passengers are reimbursed of the corresponding compensation amount. It is not important for Passengers friend, which airline is responsible for the delay or the cancellation of a flight. Experiences with flight delays by Eurowings from different customers show, that flight cancellations and flight delays also happen with this company. Affected travelers can claim their damages with Passengers friend. We are also happy to help with questions with the subject of travel in other cases.

To check your claim carefully, enter only the number of your flight with Eurowings on our web page. If you qualify, Passengers friend will take care of everything else and contact Eurowings, to achieve a compensation for you. Passengers, who were affected by flight delays or a flight outage with airlines, such as Eurowings, were reporting positive experiences with our company Passengers friend, to get their compensation. In doing so, our customers also praise the uncomplicated process. Which saves them the paperwork with the airline directly. Here some extracts from our satisfied customers:

"Everything is OK. Passengers friend has quickly agreed with Eurowings and the money was recompensated."
- Katja L. from Lüneburg

"I can really recommend it! Four hours of flight delay during the winter holidays cost us quite a lot of time and nerves, but we were able to make up for the almost 400 euros in compensation."
- Holger T. from Schwerin

"I think this service is great. You pay fees, but it's totally worth it. Passengers friend takes care of everything."
- Andreas M. from Bayreuth

Background information for Eurowings

Within Germany, 16 different airports are served by Eurowings. Including Cologne-Bonn(CGN), Stuttgart (STR) Hamburg (HAM), Dusseldorf (DUS), Hanover(HAJ), Berlin-Tegel (TXL), Dortmund (DTM), Nuremberg (NUE), Munich(MUC), Bremen (BRE), Dresden (DRS), Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (FKB),Leipzig / Halle (LEJ), Berlin-Schoenefeld (SXF), Rostock (Baltic Sea)(RLG) and Usedom (Heringsdorf) (HDF). Eurowings is a company based in Germany, with its headquarters and home base in Düsseldorf. Eurowings is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa company, wholly owned by Lufthansa Eurowings since August 2011. Eurowings also flies to national and intercontinental destinations. Airports of Hamburg and Düsseldorf serve mainly as airports for Germany and other parts of Europe. From the Cologne or Bonn airport, the airline mainly serves long-haul destinations in Africa, Asia and North America. Eurowings flights have been bundled with Germanwings since the October of 2015. These flights are currently also carried out under the name of Eurowings.



1 Data entry

Find out how high your claim for compensation is.

2 The data check

We check your claim within a few minutes and take care of the rest.

3 Claims paid out

You receive your compensation. If your claim is justified, we will transfer your money. Then the matter is done for you.

If you want a link to your law form here instead of this form, contact me.

Flight delays and compensations with the TUI airline

Flight delays and flight cancellations during private and business trips are not uncommon. Even airlines like TUIfly can be affected. If the delay is greater than three hours or the flight is cancelled completely, the passenger has the right for a compensation. Contact us for compensation where flights are delayed more than three hours. We will check your claim for any delay or cancellation of TUIfly or any other airline in which you made a trip by air, free of charge and without obligation. The amount of the compensation can be between 200 and 600 Euros, depending on the distance between the departure and destination airports. We work with experts on all aspects of travel law and enforce their claims in the event a passenger experiences a flight delay with TUIfly or other airlines, if necessary in court.

Experiences of our customers using Passengers friend for flight delays

The experience of many air travelers shows that delays and outages occur with every airline. This also affects the TUIfly company. Passengers, who contacted Passengers friend to claim their compensation, report a simple and straightforward enforcement process to enforce their claims.

Little stress

The great prospect of success and a lack of cost risk speaks for the service Passengers friend provides. It is irrelevant, whether the flight is delayed by TUIfly or any another airline. Passengers report an uncomplicated process to claim their right for a compensation with Passengers friend. The customer simply needs to enter the flight number of the flight with TUIfly or other airlines, and Passengers friend will review your claim for compensation.


"I can recommend it. Very straightforward, I did not have to do anything myself. "
- Andreas K. from Potsdam

"Very pleasant contact with Passengers friend! I first had doubts if I would get any compensation, but that worked out really well. Thank you!"
- Sylvia T. from Paderborn

"I had tried on my own, after four and a half hours delay on the return flight from Palma to get compensation, but the airline has gotten rid of me by only offering vouchers for other flights. Passengers Friend was my salvation. "
- Fatma G. from Erfurt

Background information on TUIfly

Destinations served by TUIfly are largely located in Mediterranean regions. Other popular holiday destinations, such as the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Egypt or Madeira, are also on the flight schedule of TUIfly. In Germany, TUIfly airplanes usually serve (as of 2016) 23 different airports. These include Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF), Berlin Tegel (TXL), Bremen (BRE), Dortmund (DTM), Düsseldorf (DUS), Erfurt (ERF), Frankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt Hahn (HHN), Friedrichshafen (FDH) , Hamburg (HAM), Hannover (HAJ), Karlsruhe (FKB), Cologne / Bonn (CGN), Leipzig / Halle (LEJ), Memmingen (FMM), Munich (MUC), Münster (FMO), Nuremberg (NUE), Paderborn-Lippstadt (PAD), Rostock (RLG), Stuttgart (STR), Sylt (GWT) and Usedom (HDF).

Further information about TUIfly

The German airline TUIfly is based in Langenhagen near Hanover, where its base is located. TUIfly was founded in 2007 after the companies Hapagfly and Hapag-Lloyd-Express (HLX) were merged. TUIfly is a 100% subsidiary of the TUI Group. The airline advertises its flights with fair prices and offers as a special service to inform its passengers about any delays on the day of departure.


Claim Save


1 Data entry

Find out how high your claim for compensation is.

2 Have the data checked

We check your claim within a few minutes and take care of everything else.

3 claims to pay

You receive your compensation. If your claim is justified, we will transfer your money. After that the problem is done for you.

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Flight delays of Condor Airlines

Many airline travelers may have already experienced their plane being delayed or the flight being canceled entirely. Such flight delays or cancellations are known to every airline.

How to claim a refund?

In the event of a delayed flight at Condor, each customer is entitled to compensations if the flight was more than 3 hours late or even completely canceled. They can contact the company Passengers friend. We support your request through our lawyers and check, free of charge, whether your claim is justified and in case of need, we will also pay the court costs. In some cases, the amount of the compensation for a flight delay with Condor or other airlines may amount up to € 600.00. The amount depends on the distance between the departure and destination airports. If our company can enforced your claims, you will receive the compensation you are entitled to. We do not just help with flight delays with Condor. And also help with problems of other airlines to get a compensation for our customers.

Customer experiences with flight delays of the Condor airline

Many experiences of Condor customers have shown, that flight cancellations and flight delays also occur with the Condor airline. With the help of Passengers friend this is not a problem, as we check your claims without obligation and then enforce them with the Condor airline or other airlines for you. Affected passengers often report their positive experiences with Passengers friend, when it comes to a flight delay, to enforce their claims to distress in court. Whether it was the examination of the claims or general questions about the right to travel, we stand by your side.

Passengers often contact Passengers friend after a flight delay or cancellation. To do this, first tell us the flight number of your flight with Condor or of other airlines. Afterwards we will check for you free of charge if there exists a claim for a compensation of your payment. If you have trouble, Passengers friend will take care of the negotiations with Condor or other airlines concerned.

It does not matter whether you flew with Condor or other airlines. Passengers friend calls for a compensation of less than three hours for affected passengers for the compensation payment of a particular airline. Here is an excerpt from experiences from our customers:

  • "Passengers friend has done a great job, thanks. Saved a lot of paperwork" - Antonia S. from Stuttgart"
  • Fast processing and easy handling. And the staff are always friendly." - Timo B. from Rostock
  • "Totally uncomplicated! 8 hours late. Passengers friend has paid the money. I can recommend it." - Bertold L. from Saarbrücken

Background information about the Condor airline

Airplanes from Condor start from 17 airports in Germany. These include Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF), Berlin-Tegel (TXL), Bremen (BRE), Dortmund(DTM), Dresden (DRS), Dusseldorf (DUS), Frankfurt / Main (FRA),Friedrichshafen (FDH), Hamburg ( HAM), Hannover (HAJ), Cologne / Bonn(CGN), Leipzig / Halle (LEJ), Munich (MUC), Münster / Osnabrück(FMO), Nuremberg (NUE), Paderborn / Lippstadt (PAD) and Stuttgart(STR) ,The German airlineCondor is based in Frankfurt am Main. It was founded in 1955 from the"Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH". Meanwhile, Condor is the fourth largest airline in Germany, measured by the number of its aircraft and the number of passengers being transported. Condor's hubs include the Munich Airport as well as the airport in Frankfurt am Main. The first flights after its foundation went to Teneriffa and Mallorca. The name "Condor" was given to the airline in the year 1961 when it took over "Condor-Luftreederei", founded in 1957, as "Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH".


How does this work?

1 Data entry

Find out how high your claim for compensation is.

2 The data check

We check your claim within a few minutes and take care of the rest.

3 Claims paid

You receive your compensation. If your claim is justified, we will transfer your money. The matter is then done for you.

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Coronavirus outbreak and its spreading all over the world

While the WHO stated the risk of COVID-19 spreading worldwide is now "very high", officials have suggested that efforts to combat the coronavirus are still in the containment phase. But some medical experts think the containment stage has long passed since, the spread of the COVID-19 is inevitable, and that living with the virus might become a reality. COVID-19 is the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus. "This will not be contained, this has not been contained," said Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease physician at Toronto General Hospital.

Massive public health efforts were helpful in slowing down the spread of infections and reducing the pace and frequency of exported cases from China to the rest of the world, but containment has not worked, Bogoch said.

Will continue to spread

"The coronavirus is spreading throughout the world and it will continue to spread throughout the world," he said. On Friday, the WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a news conference that the Geneva-based health agency has "increased our assessment of the risk of spread and the risk of impact of COVID-19 to very high at a global level." China has seen more than 80,000 confirmed cases with almost 3,000 deaths. Outside China, there have been more than 7,000 cases in 60 countries reported, with more than 100 deaths.

Accepting the spreading

Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program said public health authorities speak of containment and of mitigation strategies when dealing with disease. Containment, he said, includes the measures taken to break the chain of transmission of the virus. Mitigation accepts the fact the virus cannot be prevented from spreading and then causing COVID-19. But health officials do what they can to mitigate the impact through treatment. "What we've been saying clearly is that containing the virus and interrupting transmission gives us an opportunity to stop the virus," Ryan said. "Accepting mitigation is the only option is to accept that the virus cannot be stopped."

But Bogoch said that if WHO officials are defining containment as the possibility that the coronavirus will not spread beyond a certain border, that they can still prevent different countries in different regions from seeing this infection, "I don't think that's very realistic. We're seeing global transmission of this infection."