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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Windows 10 Safe Mode

The Windows 10 Safe Mode

There are several ways to start Windows 10 in a safe mode. Here is an overview.

When Windows started, Safe Mode could be reached by using a shortcut key. If this still works with old versions of Windows, Windows 10 often fails because the user has only a short time to respond. When you start the PC, you normally need to simultaneously press the [Shift] and [F8] shortcut keys. But it's also easier if Windows 10 starts properly:

  1. Click the Windows button located to the right of the power button . If Windows restarts directly, it will also be in the bottom right corner of the start screen.
  2. The Restart option appears when clicking on the power button.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and click with the mouse on Restart to access the UEFI menu .
  4. On the light blue background you can see if you are in the UEFI menu. Then select Troubleshooting .
  5. There you will find Advanced Options and here the Windows Startup Settings feature. Click on the button Restart .
  6. It takes a while for the emergency system to start. Press the F4 soft key to restart Windows in Safe Mode.

Start Windows 10 in safe mode

  1. In this menu, you need to hold down the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog.
  2. In this enter msconfig and press OK to start the system configuration.
  3. Above is the Start tab. Choose Safe Boot and Network .
  4. To enter Safe Mode, press the OK Button that Windows restarts.

You can also use Safe Mode at the command prompt cause.

  1. If you press the windows and x keys at the same time, you have a shortcut menu
  2. After you select Command Prompt (Administrator) , confirm the security prompt by clicking OK.
  3. To start Windows in safe mode, then enter the command bcdedit set {current} safeboot network .

You can also create a desktop shortcut to safe mode so that you see an icon on your desktop that will help you get into safe mode quickly.

  1. To do this, right-click on an empty area (where there are no icons or other) and select New and then Link .
  2. Enter shutdown.exe / r / o / f t 00 as the path here. Then click Next and then Finish .
  3. If you click this Icon shutdown.exe in the future, Windows will start directly in Safe Mode.

Using the Windows 10 DVD to restore

If Windows does not boot from the hard disk and you have the Windows 10 DVD at hand, the item Computer Repair will appear after loading the DVD to repair Windows.

If all these tips fail, you may be able to send your computer to the manufacturer for repair. However, if the computer is older and there is no longer a guarantee, it is not recommended. Consider purchasing a new computer, which usually works right after it starts up.