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Friday, June 22, 2018

Lucifer season 4

According to TV Line the series Lucifer was renewed for season 4, starring Tom Ellis, picked up by Netflix.

I liked the show. Wasn't my favorite show though but entertaining. But with season final of season 3 when Lucifer showed his devil face to Chloe Decker all the magic has gone. Because the show was all about others than God's children not knowing that Lucifer is indeed the devil. The show should in my opinion have ended there.

Then there were the two bonus episodes. Boo Normal which followed the timeline after his face was revealed but Chloe went on with business as usual, only briefly mentioning she saw much stranger things than what Ella reported to her. Okay, he is the devil, so what.... And Ella now revealed her personal ghost which actually also was an angel. I was afraid she would deal in about every future episode with that, making her a main character rather than a supporting cast member. While Once Upon a Time took place in an alternate timeline. This was rather boring and didn't fit well into a possible season 4 episode, especially after the cliffhanger with Lucifer revealing his devil face.

I wonder how they deal with these things in season 4. In my opinion they should have tied up loose ends and cancel the series for good after that.