Thursday, November 29, 2018

GDPR decision to use Facebook Custom Audience

Is the ruling of the ECJ ruling on Facebook fan pages adequately implemented?

in 2018 an agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was published as the result of the ECJ's Facebook fan pages decision. It should have the goal for Facebook to comply with this judgment. An analysis on the decision of the Facebook Custom Audience.

The European Court of Justice ruling on the Data Protection Regulation

Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice, as confirmed on the 5th of June 2018, Facebook is directly responsible for processing and collection of personal data at the EU level. On its platform Facebook determines all purposes and means of its processing activity. Proof of this is the fact that companies or persons who want to maintain a Facebook fan page, commit themselves with their registration to agree to the terms of use and the data processing of Facebook.

Facebook is not acting as a processor in this questionable relationship, but in computing it determines the purpose and way in which it stores and evaluates the user's data.

On the other hand, the operator of the fan page is also considered responsible, who can define parameters in his pages and the activities developed from them. He can thus define target groups and decide which other activities and campaigns he wants to organize via his fan page. For example, companies that operate Facebook fan pages are classified as jointly responsible according to the ECJ ruling (Art. 26 GDPR).

The implementation of the ECJ ruling of the Bavarian Administrative Court based on Facebook

Following the implementation of the ECJ ruling, Facebook has published an agreement as a result. This provides that the company wants to comply with the requirements of the judgment. However, on closer inspection, there are considerable doubts. The "Agreement" of Facebook presented in this context reflects some elements of the order processing of Article 28 of the GDPR, instead of conforming to Article 26 of the Regulation, which refer to the Joint-Controller Contract. This comes in particular to the course, if an online shop is operated with the participation of Facebook. Here is to be mentioned in particular.

  • Not only data and documented instructions of the customer are processed by Facebook.
  • Employees and employers which have access to personal information need to have a special confidentiality clause, for which they must declare their consent.
  • Under special conditions, Facebook undertakes to delete or otherwise return personal data.
  • Persons in charge who have a Facebook account or have it created by an authorized auditor have the right to scrutinize.
  • As data from the Facebook user is transferred to the US, a reference to existing EU standard contractual clauses must be made.

Further critical points resulting from this ruling to keep in mind

  • Subcontracting is permitted without written permission or a right to object.
  • For requests from stakeholders, the support does not require a required format.
  • No further documentation is needed for organizational and technical measures.
  • Evidence provided in SOC 2 Type II shall be declared as appropriate and so as to comply with all technical and organizational measures.


One should expect a global corporation, such as Facebook, to be aware of the difference between an agreement between a joint controller contract and the article 28 of the Data Protection Regulation. He should work out an agreement on this which contains well-sounding phrases that are almost right under data protection law. This should make it clear to everyone involved that Facebook is the sole person responsible, as they only process data for their own purposes.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Polishing aluminum and stainless steel

How to grind and polishing stainless steel and aluminum

The properties of aluminum

You should first understand the properties of aluminum, if you want to polish stainless steel. Like normal steel, aluminum oxidizes. With the difference that the oxidation on steel, which is generally known as rust, slowly eats away the metal. When aluminum is exposed to air, a thin layer of alumina forms. This layer of alumina actually protects the metal from further corrosion and gives the surface a dull and whitish appearance. Chemical polishing agents dissolve the alumina and restore it to its original state. Use caution when using chemical products as they can damage the skin and cause burns. Prolonged application on the aluminum can also cause pitting. Polishing aluminum helps to avoid these problems.

Prepare the steel

Grinding with brushes and mirror polishing of metal sheets is often recommended. The grinding can be applied to flat material and all types of surfaces. With our state-of-the-art machines, plates can be cold-rolled as well as hot-rolled to achieve the desired finish. For example, we offer grades of grain grinding, a certain roughness value or the high-gloss polishing of mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Individual pieces or series can be processed according to the customer's wishes for the desired surface finish. The high-gloss polishing of turned and milled parts as well as the processing of composite frames and constructions are available.

Selections of warehouses usually include a variety of ground and polished Stainless steel sheets, as well as tailor-made blanks, colored and blasted sheets of materials such as glass, ceramic, corundum and various sheets that can receive a motif. Also, highly polished tubes and plates are available from stock. Articles out of stock are usually ordered as soon as requested and be available in a day or two. The daily work of these shops involve the processing of tapes, tubes and sheets, which often requires manual processing. The final step before delivery includes cleaning and careful packaging.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Phone without credit check?

Many users of cell phones want full cost control and prefer to subscribe to a prepaid service rather than signung a contract. These users do not have to give up buying a mobile phone when looking for an offer. Ordering of mobile phones is no longer limited to promotional offers or monthly installments in their financing. The customer can fulfill his primary desire to acquire a mobile device. The security of the order at favorable conditions offers the customer the acquisition of a mobile phone without a contract. Cheap rates and other benefits ensure that the customer does not have to dig deep into their own pockets to fulfill the dream phone's dream.

How to get a new phone without a credit check

For both business and private customers, ordering a contract-free mobile phone has long since become a veritable boom in recent years. Many of the new models can be purchased at convenient rates. These include many well known brands like a new phone from Samsung or the latest iPhone or tablet from Apple, without the customer having to bind himself to an unwanted contract. This offers great savings, which can be increased if the interested party makes price comparisons to get an overview of the prices of the offers in installments.

How to finance a premium smartphone with a good mobile phone contract

With a negative credit score a purchase is usually rejected. Specialized credit intermediaries help in this case to obtain a loan, despite bad credit ratings. You can compare the best installment loans with a comparison calculator on some web seites. A good credit score is usually required. It's considered as a financial basis for many businesses. Previously, the credit check was quite strict and thus prevented consumers with a negative score from acquiring a new cell phone. It's now known that the score not only registers existing liabilities and debts, but also includes a frequent change of residence or job in credit score databases, so that this entry no longer leads to the rejection of a purchase.

The customer who wants to buy a mobile phone on on credit, can now opt for low monthly payment rates and choose between many models and brands without signing a contract. For many consumers, this is a chance to buy a new device, although in the past there were problems, which did not allow installment purchase. New customers thus receive a fair credit check and could agree with the information. They express their openness and create a great deal of trust with traders.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Comparison between a fund policy and a fund savings plan

A fund savings plan has no sales charge. So there are no closing costs. In addition, there is no annual management fee and therefore more flexibility. The withholding tax essentially influences the decision whether to resort to a fund savings plan or the fund policy in the old-age provision. The so-called final withholding tax applies from the year 2009. Thus, profits on church tax and solidarity surcharge are taxed at 25% per fiscal year.

When does a unit-linked pension plan pay off?

On the other hand, unit-linked pension insurance is more favorable if no payment is made before the age of 60 or the term is at least twelve years. With a personal tax rate, only half of the investor's income will be taxed.

Check the policies

Before concluding the contract, investors should scrutinize it because there can be huge differences in ancillary fund policies that, at first sight, are not immediately apparent due to lack of transparency. In the first few years, investors must pay some of the high administration and termination fees that are often included in many insurance policies. Even though they generally offer better after-tax returns, the investor escapes high interest rates in this insurance variant.

If you invest in so-called fund of funds you will often pay three times the fees, especially for fund policies. These include the administration and distribution fees, as well as the management fee of individual target funds.

It should not only be considered in the decision on the pure cost. Also, the selection of offers, on which he can fall back with his insurance, is an important criterion. The more funds available to the interested party, the better he can put together a coordinated portfolio tailored to his personal needs.

Unit-linked insurances are interesting if a longevity risk is to be covered by the saver. With a fund savings plan you can often fall back on a large range of funds, which shines through their variability. As deposits vary from year to year, a fund plan is more appropriate because in the meantime the savings plan can be suspended without incurring drawbacks because the expense ratio for this insurance model rises, while the initial charge on fund savings is only the attributed to each paid installment. The depot thus grows faster at the beginning, because there are no existing closing fees.

An example

If a stock fund pays $ 100 per month for 20 years and thus earns a return of eight percent per year, assets of $ 47,920 will be earned after deducting withholding tax under existing tax law. If the 100 EURO are instead paid into a unit-linked insurance, the saver receives, after deducting taxes, 51,130 Euro in the same investment period and with the same return.

What's the best option?

The decision for or against a product depends on running costs and the calculated return after deduction of the tax. Due to tax treatment, the fund policy is slightly ahead of the pack, while generally higher return opportunities are achieved by a fund savings plan.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Windows 10 Safe Mode

The Windows 10 Safe Mode

There are several ways to start Windows 10 in a safe mode. Here is an overview.

When Windows started, Safe Mode could be reached by using a shortcut key. If this still works with old versions of Windows, Windows 10 often fails because the user has only a short time to respond. When you start the PC, you normally need to simultaneously press the [Shift] and [F8] shortcut keys. But it's also easier if Windows 10 starts properly:

  1. Click the Windows button located to the right of the power button . If Windows restarts directly, it will also be in the bottom right corner of the start screen.
  2. The Restart option appears when clicking on the power button.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and click with the mouse on Restart to access the UEFI menu .
  4. On the light blue background you can see if you are in the UEFI menu. Then select Troubleshooting .
  5. There you will find Advanced Options and here the Windows Startup Settings feature. Click on the button Restart .
  6. It takes a while for the emergency system to start. Press the F4 soft key to restart Windows in Safe Mode.

Start Windows 10 in safe mode

  1. In this menu, you need to hold down the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog.
  2. In this enter msconfig and press OK to start the system configuration.
  3. Above is the Start tab. Choose Safe Boot and Network .
  4. To enter Safe Mode, press the OK Button that Windows restarts.

You can also use Safe Mode at the command prompt cause.

  1. If you press the windows and x keys at the same time, you have a shortcut menu
  2. After you select Command Prompt (Administrator) , confirm the security prompt by clicking OK.
  3. To start Windows in safe mode, then enter the command bcdedit set {current} safeboot network .

You can also create a desktop shortcut to safe mode so that you see an icon on your desktop that will help you get into safe mode quickly.

  1. To do this, right-click on an empty area (where there are no icons or other) and select New and then Link .
  2. Enter shutdown.exe / r / o / f t 00 as the path here. Then click Next and then Finish .
  3. If you click this Icon shutdown.exe in the future, Windows will start directly in Safe Mode.

Using the Windows 10 DVD to restore

If Windows does not boot from the hard disk and you have the Windows 10 DVD at hand, the item Computer Repair will appear after loading the DVD to repair Windows.

If all these tips fail, you may be able to send your computer to the manufacturer for repair. However, if the computer is older and there is no longer a guarantee, it is not recommended. Consider purchasing a new computer, which usually works right after it starts up.