Thursday, November 15, 2018

Polishing aluminum and stainless steel

How to grind and polishing stainless steel and aluminum

The properties of aluminum

You should first understand the properties of aluminum, if you want to polish stainless steel. Like normal steel, aluminum oxidizes. With the difference that the oxidation on steel, which is generally known as rust, slowly eats away the metal. When aluminum is exposed to air, a thin layer of alumina forms. This layer of alumina actually protects the metal from further corrosion and gives the surface a dull and whitish appearance. Chemical polishing agents dissolve the alumina and restore it to its original state. Use caution when using chemical products as they can damage the skin and cause burns. Prolonged application on the aluminum can also cause pitting. Polishing aluminum helps to avoid these problems.

Prepare the steel

Grinding with brushes and mirror polishing of metal sheets is often recommended. The grinding can be applied to flat material and all types of surfaces. With our state-of-the-art machines, plates can be cold-rolled as well as hot-rolled to achieve the desired finish. For example, we offer grades of grain grinding, a certain roughness value or the high-gloss polishing of mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Individual pieces or series can be processed according to the customer's wishes for the desired surface finish. The high-gloss polishing of turned and milled parts as well as the processing of composite frames and constructions are available.

Selections of warehouses usually include a variety of ground and polished Stainless steel sheets, as well as tailor-made blanks, colored and blasted sheets of materials such as glass, ceramic, corundum and various sheets that can receive a motif. Also, highly polished tubes and plates are available from stock. Articles out of stock are usually ordered as soon as requested and be available in a day or two. The daily work of these shops involve the processing of tapes, tubes and sheets, which often requires manual processing. The final step before delivery includes cleaning and careful packaging.

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