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Sunday, October 4, 2020

US President Donald Trump dies of Corona virus

After US President Donald Trump passed away from COVID-19 many people, not just Americans, will have a lot of questions. How did Trump got infected, how could this happen? Why didn't he take care to prevent this? Was God taking him, or does he burn in hell? Was it all his fault all along not doing enough to contain the virus in the USA?

The most burning of all questions might be if deserves it. Due to his failure to do more to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which lead to millions of infections in the US and leaving many American citizens dead, people might think Donald Trump desered to be victim of his politics of failures.

I don't wish my worst enemy to get sick from the virus or even die. But there might be one person. Let's assume it's 1944, World War II is still raging and the Corona Virus wouls emerge. How would the enemies of Nazi Germany feel if Adolf Hitler would contract the virus? They'd probably appreciate him suffering and dying. So would I.

But as of October 7th 2020 he seems to have recovered, probably due to the experimental dugs he got administered. Lucky bastard!

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