Sunday, April 29, 2018

Where to buy cannabis in Canada

Where to buy pot, marijuana, cannabis and weed online in Toronto and Montreal?

Locations to legally order cannabis online in Toronto are:

  • 770 Gardiners Road, Kingston
  • 2480 Gerrard Street East, Toronto
  • 570 Harbour Expressway, Thunder Bay
  • 304 Stone Road West, Guelph

The city of Montreal announced that the first four locations to buy pot are located near Metro stations. Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis STM locations are at

  • 970 Ste-Catherine St. W.
  • 9250 Boulevard de l'Acadie
  • 6872 St-Hubert St.
  • 830 Ste-Catherine St. E.

As well on the Metro stations:
  • Berri-UQAM
  • Jean-Talon
  • Radisson
  • Lionel-Groulx

Licensed dispensaries to get weed in Vancouver

The Kamloops shopping centre has a licensed marijuana store, also a dispensary on Granville Street to also get oils and seeds. Leaf Compassion at 950 Yates Street in Victoria will also provide cannabis in dried or fresh form.

Cannabis for sale in Quebec

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) handles all legal sales. You can either visit their dispensaries, see above, or order cannabis online on their web page and have it delivered. You have to produce an ID on delivery if you look younger than 18 or 19 years.

Since 1997, cannabis, pot and marijuana in Canada has been regulated by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. According to this law, unauthorized possession, trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, production, import and export are considered illegal. The penalties are different depending on the offense. However, the law leaves a lot of power to the judges who impose the sentence.


Cannabis was banned in Canada in 1923 by federal law to that effect, but the use of cannabis for medical purposes was first permitted in 2001. Following an effort to decriminalize Jean Chrétien in 2003 with Bill C-38, Liberal Party Leader of Canada Justin Trudeau made the legalization of cannabis a key part of his platform during the federal election campaign.
Nevertheless, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is permitted by the Regulation respecting access to cannabis for medical purposes. It allows the consumption and cultivation of cannabis for users holding a prescription from a Canadian doctor. These individuals can not be arrested for cannabis use in accordance with the doctor's instructions.
The possible legalization of recreational cannabis was debated in 2017 for possible application on October 17, 2018. The law allowing the recreational use of cannabis has been adopted by the Canadian House of Commons in November 2017. It was concluded that on October 17, 2018 sales if cannabis would be legal.


For production, the penalty is up to seven years imprisonment. For importation, the penalty is life imprisonment. For possession for the purpose of trafficking and trafficking, the penalties are life imprisonment if the quantity is greater than three kilograms and five years if it is less than three kilograms. For simple possession, the penalties are a maximum of five years imprisonment if the amount exceeds thirty grams and a maximum of one thousand dollars fine or six months in prison for less than thirty grams.

Under the age of 18, offenses are governed by the Young Offenders Act, the penalties depend on the offenses, but they may include alternative measures, community work, fines, custody of different durations, and a criminal record. Having a criminal record can make it very difficult or even impossible to leave the country. In addition, he may penalize the offender during a job selection process. On the other hand, the criminal record of a minor is normally (as the case may be) erased when the age of majority reaches 18 years.

A political party operating at the provincial level in Quebec, Bloc Pot, aims to legalize cannabis.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces in his 2016 policy speech the upcoming legalization of cannabis, becoming the first G7 country to do so.

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