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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Bitcoin scam

You probably found this blog by doing a web search after the following ids after receiving a mail from a Bitcoin spammer.


Bitcoin scam often comes as blackmailing. The scammer sends a mail claiming you have been visiting a porn web site. He adds while enjoying yourself this site hacked your computer and recorded you with your web cam while having fun. There might also be a password in the spam as proof. He threatens to send this footage to other contacts he found in your address book and to other sites in the internet, if you don't pay a certain sum to the given Bitcoin id. But don't worry, this is usually not true, although an internet newbie might believe this. It's just a random shot to make money by scaring mail recipients. Don't pay, delete the mail.

There might be a slim chance that it is true though. If the password he mentions looks familiar, and is not something like 123456, he might actually hacked you. Check your computer for malware. If you find evidence the computer is infected, backup data like documents, videos or audio files to an external drive (USB stick or SD card) and wipe the hard disk clean before installing your operating system from scratch. Yes, that might be painful, but in my opinion better than knowing your are watched.

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